Howard Jones in ADELAIDE!

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So.. there I was driving to work yesterday and I just happened to see a concert poster for Howard Jones. I think, holy crap! Howard is playing HERE ?!?!? Usually *most* bands that “tour” Australia hit Sydney, Melbourn and Brisbane and COMPLETELY ignore Adelaide. It’s understandable ($$ wise) but disappointing for someone who grew up in Los Angeles and got to see any/all bands that tour…

ANYWAY… When I got to work I went to venutix’s website and saw that he was playing TONIGHT and at the Gov! Holy crap I almost missed it! And the Gov is a small bar/pub/live music venue so it is a totally awesome place to see a good band.

So I called Venutix to get a ticket and they said they were sold out. SHIT (I thought) I can’t believe I will miss this show… So I called The Gov and they said they had plenty of tix! SWEET!

The show started with Howard on piano for a few songs. He has several that lend to the “acoustic” version quite well. He ended this set with “No one is to blame”.. Hello, what a killer!! After this set, he had his band out for a full electronic (flash back 80’s) set. FANTASTIC!

Here are some video’s from the night. They are VERY POOR quality because my mobile phone take SHIT images… They are all listed here:

[youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube]

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